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Zen Master III

Thanks for the the May 2023 security patch . 😜 

I have just been looking for a new android phone to replace my Z 7 and to tell the truth I wasn't considering the Z 10 but if Asus has changed their policy to support the Z 10 for three years of updates ( I'm happy with just three years of security patches) I am in.

Any chance of a mod either confirming or letting us know if it's not the case I would very much appreciated it 😁


Rising Star II

Just saw a post about this security update in a Facebook group. That's some good news.

The mods probably aren't allowed to confirm the years of security updates on ZF 10 just yet (even if they already know) because that information is confidential until the phone's official release -- you can wait for its release on June 29th. There might be some leaks about it before that, who knows? If and only if ASUS can make an official announcement about changes in its update policy, things would've been more clear to anyone 🙂

There may be a chance for longer security updates on ZF 10 (no guarantee though) since ASUS has already promised to commit to 4 years of security updates on its new ROG Phone 7 series. Sadly no such promises were made for the older models.

Zen Master III

The only way I knew about the security update is because of the post ( UNO hells frozen over) that sent an email to my inbox.

I am waiting with anticipation for the News on the zen 10 regarding update policy.

I hope that the powers that be have finally realised that to stay in the game you gotta give a little. Four years of security patches would be awesome three I could live with but two no way, especially with say companies like Nokia bringing out top end phones like the upcoming magic Max with three years of OS updates and three or four years of security patches for under $1000 au why would you pay more for less...if you follow my drift...



Community Manager
Community Manager
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