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Still using a Zenfone 7 or earlier?

Star I

They still get Google Play app updates so most of these phones should be perfectly functional as long as they're still okay with hardware and had a good enough chip etc...

Some people will be more worried than others about potential security vulnerabilities but you will still get modern versions of apps for the most part.

Google Play store just recently stopped supporting Google kit Kat which I think was like Android 4 or something.

So if you're not worried about security patches you could conceivably used a ZenFone 7 or earlier for a while..

I still use my Note 9 occasionally. And my pixel 3.

And I'll probably keep using my LG phones for many years if I can


Zen Master III

I bought an iPhone 14 Pro Max to replace this faithful Z 7 but I can't bring myself to get rid of it so I bought another prepaid SIM card and now use it as a backup and for googling stuff and generally mucking around with. Still the best Android phone I've ever had.

In fact if Asus started to support their flagship phones for, say three or four years I would probably sell the iPhone and go back to android for my main driver