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Problems with camera module /broken FPC cable/

before months i posted here about my camera problems. First at all my main camera stopped, after 2-3 days wide angle stopped, and now theres only Telephoto camera, also there is no flashlight.
After waiting for android 11 , factory reset, flash all systems, still not working.
Bought second hand with problem on boot menu stuck, i repair it, and after 3 2 months that happend,so
i`ve opened my phone and saw theres missing screws and repair ot right arms on camera flip module.
It seems at that place is something wrong with second cable , i thing its because flipping camera itsself mechanicaly broken track on this cable, not sure, so im trying to open camera unit but its so hard.
From where i can buy spare parts, camera module/unit, or fpc tripple cable to mainboard?
i found asus accessoires site but theres no full camera unit