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Is it still worth it to buy zenfone 7 in 2023?

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I am currently using redmi k20 pro for the last 4 years and its beginning to show it's age.

What I'm looking for is a full screen display phone with 5g that is storage expandable.

From what I've read so far, zenfone 8 phones are suseptible to ramdump issues. Is this the case with zenfone 7/7 pro as well? Are there other hardware issues I should be aware of?


Zen Master III

If you can get a brand new one and don't mind it not getting os updates, they are a great phone. Second hand I wouldn't touch one because I guarantee if the pop up camera isn't broken yet it will if you drop it once or twice. Asus only provides two years Of security patches but I am on a green patch at the moment so they suprise you with extended support but don't promise it.

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Looking to upgrade from your Redmi K20 Pro? The Zenfone 7/7 Pro has a big screen and 5G, but some users reported a "ramdump" issue. Check reviews. Also, look at phones from Xiaomi, Samsung, and OnePlus for more options with 5G and extra storage.

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Careful because z7 might not support voLTE and if your country shuts down 3G like Australia you will have a phone that can't make phone calls at all