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Fix HDR problems

Rising Star II
When I bought the phone I thought it will be solved. But it looks like you solve it only for ZenFone 8 users.
Problem - photos taken in HDR mode with native camera very often have terrible quality. They are very soft, faces have double borders, overall quality is bad comparing with cheaper smartphones without OIS.
You can reproduce this issue easily while taling photos of a person during sunny day in HDR mode. Normal mode (without HDR) or 64MP mode will be fine, HDR will fail in 90% cases.
I can provide more examples via PM or email, I don't want to share personal fotos with entire forum.
ZenFone 7 Pro, WW_30.41.69.89


Rising Star I
Something similar, but the occurrence it is not high in my case. (Android 11, .89 software)

Rising Star II
Few more examples from today
Asus camera, HDR off, colors are realistic, but forest is too dark
Asus camera, HDR on. Grass and forest are just mess of pixels. But overall brightness increased.
Open camera, HDR mode. Details are not really good, but colors are ok. Grass and forest don't look like a trash.
Come on, Asus team, Zenfone 8 has better ranks in camara reviews while have the same sensor as Zenfone 7 (pro). I believe solving this issue is feasible task for you.

Rising Star II
Do you use gcam?

Rising Star II


Do you use gcam?

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Not really. It's not google pixel. If I would like to mess up with hacks and mods of 3rd-party software, I would buy xiaomi.
I mean, gcam is workaround. This function should work in Asus camera, otherwise, why I have this switch with HDR?