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Camera is not ready. Please try again later.

Star II

Model name: ZenFone 7 Pro

Firmware version: 31.0210.0210.309

Rooted: No

Frequency of occurrence: 100% with stock app

App name/version: stock camera app


It seems to be the same behaviour as this other post:

The stock camera app fails to open with this error:


Other 3P apps can open the camera but default to selfie cam, inverted.

More odd behavior occurs when turning on the torch. The camera attempts to flip and shine the torch towards the user.

This issue started on 1/1/'23. I've reset the app, factory reset the phone and tried in recovery mode.



Zen Master II

Try to use 3rd party camera apps and see if its work

Star II

Other third party apps work but the image is inverted. When the back camera is in use the camera flips but the software still thinks it's facing the back. Conversly when the selfie cam is in use the camera does not flip but it inverts the image.

Zen Master II

Then the problem is at camera module

You must bring it to service center to replace it

Star II

I can take photos with third party apps.

The camera tries to flip when turning on the torch.

This feels far more like a sw problem than hardware.