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After Update of Android to 31.0210.0210.277 Android NDK can't access cameras

Star I
I am doing some student project on Zenfone 7 device, and I could access cameras using Android NDK 21 with C++ interface, but after update to 31.0210.0210.277 I was getting crashes as there only 2 cameras left for access via Android NDK manager. Hope this would be solved quickly as all my work will be lost, or I should roll back to the previous update which is dangerous and may lead to the lost of phone access.
Here is the return of AndroidCameraManager using C++ which I am getting and printing out:
😧 Phone model: ASUS_I002D
😧 Number of cameras: 2
😧 Cam with idx: 0 has support of hard level: 3
😧 Cam with idx: 1 has support of hard level: 0

Rising Star II
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