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ZenFone 6 case recommendation

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Hi. Can anyone recommend a good quality clear case for the ZenFone 6 please?

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I wonder...have any of you tried a decent protective film or crystal for the back side of the phone???

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I'm not worried about the back, but I do want to cover the screen. My problem with "wallet" style cases is you either fold the flap over and can't use the camera, or you have poor stability because you have to use both hands with one holding the flap out of the way and the other on the controls.
My ideal case would have bumpers on the corners and sides, with some kind of magnetic self-rolling curtain like a garage door covering the whole screen in my pocket, and rolling up below the phone when I'm using it. Leave the back with a simple rubber cover like the OEM one with a cutout for the fingerprint and camera.

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Yeah i am no fan of wallet cases either and im worried for the back side cause is gorilla 3, not 6 which the front is and also i dont want to cover it with any case cause no case is elegant enough as the phone itself. I am considering a bumper with protective crystal front and back. Thats why i am asking...

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I quite like the RhinoShield Solid Suit. It is a little pricey, but it feels nice and offers good protection.

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I ended up getting the "solid" Rhino case. The fit over the assistant button was decidedly poor before I gave the case a good massage into the right position, so that was a negative to start. I really wish all cases would just leave a cut-out for the buttons like they do the camera and USB ports.