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Zenfone 6 Appreciation

Rising Star II
This isn't a question or anything special. I just wanted to share my feelings about my Zenfone 6.
Really this is the best phone I've ever owned. I have a certain nostalgia for my old Nexus 5 and 6P but this phone just feels right. I love the screen battery and software. Also this community really is something else. No real jerks or bad people from what I see. Looking forward to Android 10 on the Zenfone 6 since I missed the beta registration time sadly. Since I've used beta software on my Nexus devices for a years and on my older iPhone I really feel like a dumbass for missing this one haha.
Anyway, does anyone else feel like I do about the Zenfone 6? ;o

Rising Star I
With the rating can be agreed, just would like a better frequency of updates, especially security, in this ASUS slightly lags, otherwise the phone deserves praise, it is my 3 from ASUS and so far satisfaction

Star III
I love Asus a lot especially the sound quality from the speakers and even from the headphone jack this is the only thing becoz of which I prefer asus previously I was using Asus 5z and always wished that battery capacity should had been more and as they says wishes comes true Asus produced another masterclass and this time without notch and as I wished with a tremendous battery of 5000mah thankyou Asus for the lovely device I hope you will continue the same sound quality and output for all ur upcoming flagship but next time use an amoled display
One more request to the developer don't ruin this lovely experience of the Asus 6z with faulty updates.