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Why not addressing the battery issue ?

Battery is draining fast since the .174 update most of the people complained about it but still no fix for that. I denied all the apps from auto start using mobile manager but still the battery is draining fast pls fix it. Its Iot like 5000 mah experience 

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Some people are experiencing battery drain. Not most people.
We haven't been able to find any battery drain issue in our firmware since .174. We did implement the camera retraction feature which draws extra power but not a lot. You can try and see if your battery improves by turning "know twice to retract camera" off.
We do believe that some people are experiencing battery drain issue but not because of the firmware.
Maybe you can try an app called 3C All-in-One Toolbox to find out which app(s) that's draining your battery life. They also offer a battery monitor and more advanced battery stats.
We're not offering any support regarding this software and there are other alternatives out there but my point is that there are ways for you to find out what is draining most of your battery.
It can also be that an app keeps other apps or functions in Android OS active so you can't see which app that is actually the cause of your battery drain.
One way of figuring out why your phone loses battery faster is to uninstall all apps that you have installed since back when you had good battery life and then install them again one by one with one day in between so you can notice the difference.

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Also having big battery troubles here screenshoot of the app you mentionned
Is it normal ?

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There's an easy way of checking if your battery is healthy or not. When you go to bed, don't plug in your phone to the charger. Instead, put it in flight mode. When you wake up, you shouldn't have lost more than 1% per hour of sleep. This test is only true for ZenFone 6