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Software issues.

Star III
Almost Every reviewers and myself using zenphone 6 under heavy load got the device overheated, where as devices using the same chipset with no extra cooling solutions does far better thermels under heavy load than this, I think that's because of the software, asus please refine the software, tweak for best 'performance'.?

Hall of Fame III
I've already sent this feedback to our software team and await their reply
The earlier comment is some days earlier, as days pass, Iam starting to hate my asus 6z smartphone, new new problems appear from day by day, unexpected overheating is a major problem and software instability, animation lagging, app crashing, speaker are overheating and lot more. I can't even tell this to my parents, I bought this product extending my budget, Iam confuced and exhausted, please fix all the problems ASAP...., Now I have doubt that overheating is due to poor product quality, Iam confuced and helpless if you guys don't care, do something ASUS. ?
You should contact ASUS Service Center to have a look at your phone. This isn't normal behavior