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Small translation error

Star III
Hello, I have noticed small translation error in Czech language. In battery care settings, there is a sentence:
"Abyste baterii ochránili, vyměňujte ji pomalu a stabilní rychlostí"
That is wrong, that makes no sense. Correct sentence should be this:
"Abyste baterii ochránili, nabíjejte ji pomalu a stabilní rychlostí"
The word "vyměňujte" should be replaced with "nabíjejte".

Why is this? The word "vyměňujte" means "change", and the word "nabíjejte" means "charge".
Someone probably made a typo in the words charge/change and translated that to Czech language. Small detail.

This probably applies to all recent Asus smartphones, not only Zenfone 6. Even though this is a detail that no one really cares about, I thought to point this out



Zen Master III
Hi, who have Android 11, can you see if they corrected the bad Czech translations that were reported between 2019 and 2020 in the thread below?

What should we do if we find a bad or misleading translation to our language?

Where and how to report it or send the correct translation?

ZenUI - Bad Translation

Community Legend III
Thanks! I've passed it on to the team. 😊

Zen Master III

Thanks! I've passed it on to the team. 😊

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To be precise, did you forward only the first post or my linked old post as well?