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Security update required for Zenfone6

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Model Name: Zenfone 6Z

Firmware Version: Attached in screenshot.

Regarding to the subject matter, i have reached the ASUS support team a year ago. But till now i didn't get any support from ASUS. Now a days i heard from ASUS users and they are telling that the ASUS support is very bad. Now I'm feeling the same now.

In my previous posts i have clearly informed that because of the security path expired issue (not upto date) i can't able to access my official applications like MS Teams, Outlook and etc.

Please let us inform that any update we will receive for Zenfone6 mobiles.






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You can switch to custom roms like I use try Omni Rom its comes with latest android 13 version

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Could you please help me the way to change. Share the link of the exact file to download.

Also, please let me know the data we have already will be get lost or not.


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Community Manager
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