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Screen Flickr at extreme low brightness

Star III
The screen flickers at extreme low brightness on white background like Instagram DM and Gmail etc. When suddenly brightness is dropped from medium or high to extreme low the flickering can be seen on white baground this happens only for extreme low brightness and dark room.This is not a hardware problem because at medium to high this doesn't happens.

Rising Star I
Make it 5. I too am facing the screen flickering issue at minimum brightness.

Star III
Yes this is a issue i think in indian units and here i want to mention that i went to service centre the tech guy acknowledged the problem and what he said broke my heart . He told that it's common on LCD panelles and this is not a issue and denied me service .See i m not telling that to completely replace my device atleast they should fix the problem and if they are not going to solve my problem then i will seek consumer court .
All those Indians facing this issue can mail me so that i will open a case . I have already tweeted to Asus india u should too.  

Star III
ok, there are 4 people in this thread that are experiencing this issue and I will forward your findings and detailed problem description to see if we can find what is wrong. I could be that all four of you have faulty units because I still can't see this on my own device, even when charging. But lets see what we can find.
Make it 6, I have the same problem. I put the brightness to 27% charging it and enter to instagram DM or anything with white background the flicker is notable and when I am in my room completely dark and the brightness at zero the blinking is equally remarkable. I'm in France but I'm not from Europe I recently bought the phone (like 10 days).

Zen Master I
I can see the flickering on exactly 27% of brightness and I'm from Europe. Not severe but visible.

Star II
Sometimes on 27%, I have the same feeling. But imo there is no way how to record it.