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Screen flickering when brightness set to 25% or less

Star III
In my Zenfone 6 white backgrounds flicker when I set brightness to 25% or less. It's very annoying and noticeable especially in a dark room. The problem was described here:
The latest firmware update WW_16.1210.1906.156_0 didn't solve the problem.
I wonder how many Zenfone 6 users noticed this?


Hall of Fame III
It's not supposed to flicker so it's most likely that you have a bad unit. I just tried my test unit at the lowest brightness in a pitch black room just to be sure and I didn't see any flickering. Please contact ASUS support in your country to replace/repair it.

Star III
Thank you for checking. I contacted Asus UK (as I live in Ireland), I got RMA number on June 25-th and was told that courier should pick up the unit within 2 working days. The courier has never arrived. So far you've been the only helpful person of all the Asus staff I dealt with.

Star III
After a month the phone came back from the service centre. They only updated the firmware, no hardware was replaced. Unfortunately the new firmware didn't solve the problem, the flickering is still there. I was a big fan of ASUS products, guess it was because I never had to deal with their service. I'm very disappointed. 

Zen Master III
I totally believe you are angry.

But may I ask you:
Did it flicker with Night Node On or Off?
Were you able to demonstrate flickering to any another person?
Was anyone but you aware of the flickering?
Was the flicker immediately apparent, or did you have to concentrate hellishly to register it?