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Request Asus Anders etc.

Rising Star II
Dear Asus, thank you for a great phone, this is the second one because it broke first, this is great. My request - too much android, not enough zenui. Please add personalization of contacts in the message, I miss it very much, the background of the numeric keyboard, the background of the register, call register background, contact list background, color themes, conversation background. I always bought you because you stood out overlay, I don't like pure android, I think it's a small job to implement it, thank you in advance. Android 10 extra works but I really like this missing

Rising Star II
Zenui please Asus more

Community Legend II
Hi @krewniak19 , hope your second phone works great for a long time!

We will take note that you would like even more features in ZenUI.
With ZenUI 6 we took a deliberate step in toning down the adoption of theming and custom looks - to focus on a Stock+ experience where the "stock" Google Android UI is combined with ZenUI Features.

Moving forward we will for sure consider suggestions made by our users here on ZenTalk but also keeping in mind the new direction we have. We're aware that there are fans of the older ZenUI styles, themes and lots of customized looks - but there are equally - if not more - users who really prefer this new aesthetic direction.

Thank you!

Zen Master I
No no no no please. The only reason I didn't buy Zenfone 5 was that old, ugly UI (no offence). Personalisation is OK as far as incuded functions are useful and not just gimmicks. In my opinion, returning to pure Android was a very good choice. Keep it up 🙂

Rising Star II
I just want the personalization I wrote about earlier, nothing more, I believe it can be done, gentlemen. After all, not everyone has to use it, you can hide it in the settings, please