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Ram management and heating issue

Star II
I want to know that you are going too fix the Ram management problem or not

Star II
Yes. this is one of the issue that i am facing, what Ms. Sreekiran is talking about.
Even compared to the other phone that  i am using....... i definately dont want to mention the brand name in this forum, the ram optimization , the usage is way much less to my Asus Zenfone 6z that i am using, i am sure that there are many users facing the same issue.
and Lastly definitely i wouldn't compare a pc, to a mobile,

Hall of Fame III
Can you please tell me more in detail which apps you have running in the background and which apps that are restarting?

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From what I have noticed, only about 2 to 3 apps remain in memory while the rest reload everytime. And these are not too RAM intensive - like FB lite, Asus calc etc. I guess a 6 to 8 GB ram phone should be able to handle it.

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i think the amount of free ram is very low which causes it. i have already mentioned the same in the list of issues.

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Follow these steps:
Go to setting>battery>power master.

Inside power master window go to power master settings.

Toggle off the marked setting.

Go back>go to auto-start manager, under preloaded apps tab, toggle off 'all apps' switch and then toggle it back on (all preloaded apps will be autostarted after later steps).

Repeat the above steps under downloaded apps tab (all downloaded apps will be autostarted after next step) .

Restart the device. After restart, don't forget to check the ram usage and throw some cpu, gpu intensive load or play some graphics heavy games like pubg etc at max settings and check temperatures, open some apps and multi task. The performance, battery life, temperatures will be far better than before, see for youself....??
It is a zen UI related bug, overiding and denying android OS permission to autostart and manage apps in the background which adversely affect the device performance, battery life, temperatures etc....

Note: auto-started apps in the background will be cleared from the ram by android itself after use.

IF SOMEONE IS ABLE TO GET THIS INFORMATION TO ASUS TEAM'S NOTICE, IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED, So they could fix all the bugs in the later software updates hopefully.....?.