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Ram management and heating issue

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I want to know that you are going too fix the Ram management problem or not

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ColorSage said:
65°c is perfectly safe for a CPU. Qualcomm and mobo manufacturers take heating under consideration. From my experience, anything lower than 80 degrees is relatively safe (except phone's getting hot). My previous galaxy s6 ran perfectly at 85 degress peak for almost three years. Mine doesn't get too hot at all. Reaches 65-70°C at maximum. Battery is a bigger problem as you can't really design Li-Ion to withstand more than 50°C without faster degradation.
And that's why I had to buy a radiator fan. Heat kills battery

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Is 57 Celsius normal for chrome? It really depends on what you were doing in chrome, what web page you were visiting. It also matters if it was at 57 for a short or long period. All phones of different brands that I have owned have at some point reached 60 Celsius for "in my opinion" simple tasks during short periods and this is perfectly normal. @"stas.ponyatovski" If you feel that your device is unnaturally hot during long periods, then start with a factory reset and have only a few apps installed. Then keep increasing the number of apps. Maybe you notice a scenario or certain app that makes the phone hotter than normal. If it still gets way too hot and too easily for longer periods, then please contact your ASUS Service Center.


Sreekiran said:

After trying out the method Alan John suggested, I must say the heating has reduced but only by a bit. However, the app restarts are still persistent.

Factory reset your device

After trying the alan john method yes i thought that cpu heating reduced but now it's again rising usually touches 55-60°C. There is a lot of thermal issue asus should look into this matter. While charging also the device Cpu heats up touching 52°C.

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Kamesh is your problem solved yet? Or is there still any heating issues with this device?

Sure will try this and get back with my thoughts. Many thanks!
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Is heating problem still there in asus 6z? Or is it solved now?

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Still there. Slightly better. Bu the battery is draining like hell after the latest update.

Asus, fix this please.