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Phone suddenly switches off, reboots frequently

Star I
My Asus 6Z very often switches off suddenly while browsing etc. And then it takes quite a while to switch on. Even after pressing the power button for sometime and releasing it, most often than not, it does not come on. And when it does (sometimes while it's kept away, it powers on by itself), it reboots itself continuously. The Asus word appears, fades away, then it reboots again. Today, it happened 3 or more times. At one stage, after it booted, I decided to immediately shutdown and let it rest for a while.
On a related note, is there a USB jig or some such we can make in case it stops booting in the future? Really concerned 🤔

Star II
I'm also experiencing this issue. When browsing, listening to music and even when idle. I would send it to service for repair but I'm afraid that technicians will play with the phone for 10 sec and send my phone back unrepaired because they "could not reproduce the problem".