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Phone performance and bugs after updating to android 10

Rising Star I
I have been using android 10 in my Asus 6z from 3-4 days i found few issues and bugs that I'll mention in points

1. Battery consumption has been increased . My phone battery according to my usage i used to get it for 2 days but after updating to android 10 I'm getting it for a day itself.
2. Camera performance also has been changed but i didn't find it that better when compared to android 9.
3. Sometimes my phone takes a while to unlock but it was quite fast when it was in android 9
4. Phone has become little laggy and sometimes notification bar freezes for 3 seconds after locking and unlocking prevents that
5. Earphone which was provided to me in the box also stopped working after updating to android 10 but bluetooth earphones are working good . Wired earphones are not working when i plug in .
And few small bugs are there regarding phone performance please Asus team fix all these issues very soon . Please fix the issue with a good software update

Rising Star I
@Anders_ASUS what to do now ?

Star I
Что мне могут ответить представители производителя,я купил дорогой сразу неисправный телефон у хорошей известной фирмы,хотел купить наилучший продукт,получил кирпич за 500 долларов.
What the manufacturer’s representatives can answer me, I bought an expensive faulty phone right away from a good well-known company, I wanted to buy the best product, I got a brick for $ 500.