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Not Received Android 10 Update from 1st party source!!

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Hey there Zenfone users, I haven't received the Android 10 Update yet!! And I'm hearing that many others from my same country already got it and are having issues.
I think they have download it from 3rd party source(Chrome and other online links) that's why they are having problems, cuz I haven't got the Update yet in the Software update settings.
If any indian got the Update from the 1st party provider (settings) plz reply here... And Admins also tell us that is really the update given is from 1st Party source??
But I think those issues are because of downloading from 3rd party source, the most stable version for us is yet to come from the Asus Team.

Accepted Solutions

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The WW FW versions can be found here.
This is a first party source, the ASUS Support website. If you are not using WW firmware, please go to your local ASUS Support page and find the ZS630KL download page there for your regional FW.

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Hi, I got update trough notification ,
Some problems are there, but these problems sometimes disappear and will come back
Try this way to update
Switch off wifi ( because with wifi asus is not able to update)
With mobile internet you check three to five times

If asus offically stopped updates i dont know what is next step to update

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update manually.. download the ota file and add in the internal storage..

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ASUS had to send notifications to phone in batches, eg, send notifications to 500 devices at a time or sth. It is just like mass mailing to everyone, it takes time. Update manually if you wish.

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update manually.. download the ota file and add in the internal storage..

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It's a way to update, but that's what it is called 3rd party source and many others are having bugs from that