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no mic on call

Rising Star I
On the latest android 10 build (WW_17.1810.1910.68) the other side can't hear me on phone calls unless if I use a headset with a seperate mic, the built-in mic in the phone works though in the camera app and the recorder app, this is after a factory data reset and a reboot doesn't fix it, the same issue happens if I use the tmobile digits app instead of the asus dialer app by the way, I don't want to have to carry a headset with me at all times in order to be able to make a phone call


I'm having the same problem. It works in a headset, a blue tooth headset and even on the speaker.
But when i use normal call, the mic just doesn't work. It's frustrating as i have to carry a headset all time or speak in loud speaker.

Star I
I just bought a Zenfone 6 and had it shipped to Sydney, Australia and am experiencing the same problems. Done factory reset a number of times and tested 2 different sims from 2 different providers. Any news on a fix?
android 10
Toggeling speakerphone does not seem to help
Camera, google assist and voice recorder works fine
Bottom mic in calls only works when yelling into the thing with your mouth basically making contact... even then it's very faint
Tried different dialer apps. Tried disabling google voice ...all to no avail
Iv'e had the phone 3 days but unfortunately I may have to return it. This looks like a dream phone that has really disappointed. Surely this HAS to have a fix? What causes this? If it were every phone this wouldn't have been able to be release? Can I get a replacement?