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New Update .137

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Just got the notification this morning


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For the people who don't want the ota update you can simply stop the fota service in developer options/running services, it'll automatically start up again after a reboot though, but if you don't reboot that often it won't be too much of a hassle, hopefully Asus provides a better way to stop the fota service in the future

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The problem is on Facebook as you can see in the image.

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No, no, no... FB used as earlier.
Sth is wrong with soft, battery consumption higher than expect.
I've 2 pcs of ZS630KL, the second one has updated (v133 -> v137) yest. and today fully charged.
Look at this consumption:
7% @ 1h56min....? 46min SOT?
Totally mess....

I'd like to downgrade to v133 which was better in this aspect - remember that we have 5000mAh. But as we know - can't. Only the way is to downgrade do android 9 and than upgrade to 10 and choose one of stable - good battery consumption version of software.

I'd like to know... Asus test new compilation (fut test, UAT test...) of soft or do it live on market user only?? 🙂

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My consumption stats are normal after 137, check it out in the picture.

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As soon as I updated to new FOTA version, the battery backup has worsened....this is the first time the battery has been exhausting very fast!

@Anders_ASUS @lp5566vs183@lp5566vs183@lp5566vs183 @lp5566vs183 @CH_ASUS

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Even i tried factory reset but i wonder of no use. Even i am not able to use potrait mode on either modes on camera....both problems prevail even after factory reset!
@CH_ASUS @lp5566vs183 @Anders@Anders_ASUS

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Still not updating the. 133 update. Neither 137