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New problems

Rising Star II

Asus 6

now there is another problem after update, after ending the call the screen remains dark after taking away from the ear why is that? can you help it?


Community Legend I

I bought Asus for the Zenui overlay, and here Zenui is only in name, there is bare android, which has nothing or even asus support or device care, why other companies have nice overlays like miui or others, and here such degradation, not here now has no play with the overlay settings, besides android 11 broke everything that was good in android 10, i'm furious with Asus

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Was the old Zen ui 5 more to your taste?
Cos there's not much difference between Zen ui 6 to 7 barring they removed and added few things
It's more cleaner snappier now that's the way Zen ui is going now it's stock+
The heavily customized Zen ui of the past never got any positive attention to be honest and was mostly hated for its bloat