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Limited apps can be cloned via Twin Apps.

Star III
Hey all, am using 6Z since past few months and it's working fine. But recently I wanted to clone an e-commerce app and surprisingly didn't find it in the list of supported apps. Only a few social media apps like whatsapp, facebook, etc seem to be supported. Apart from these, there were also few other supported apps which can be downloaded. Even this list didn't have that app. Although I have that app already installed but I can't clone it. So am wondering whether Asus is planning to update the list or provide any support in future or will I be forced to use some third party apps available on playstore?

Rising Star I
Most of the phones allow only few social media apps to clone/duplicate/parallel. Allowing random app to clone would never be priority.
I was using cloning app for whatsApp on Nokia but when phone upgraded to Android 10, app crashed and I lost the data.


Yeah..i would want to clone Google Opinion i was able to in miui on poco....apps selection is very less for twin apps.

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I know what you did there ?