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Latest update ending with .129 killed my phone !!

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The latest update killed my phone; wouldnt charge on speed mode so i turned it off to see if would fix my phone but my phone is dead now. Will wait for phone to drain out the remaining battery and see if turns back on.
Unbelieveble, asus update are to be downloaded willing to take risk. You never know whether it is for better or worse.

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After .129 update system seems to work faster. I don't found any problems yet.

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So far its been good on my end, will update if I have problems down the line

Hall of Fame III

But the problem is with the speed charging which is not working now. Moreover, If the phone battery is exhausted at 100 % the phone doesn't charge at all.

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Please try another cable as suggested. If no improvement, then factory reset and if that doesn't help, contact your local ASUS support for repair

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I can confirm this last update completely killed mine as well, speed charger or any other by the way...
You'll find me in another post, I already had the overheating, freezing, crashing and rebooting issues, the camera issue, plus buzzing speakers and flickering screen but since I am travelling all the time, constantly on the move, I had to learn to live with it as it's my only personal mobile device I have with me just now.
It would sometimes crash and wouldn't be able to turn it back on, and then my only solution was to wait for the battery to go completely flat (so I would always keep the battery between 0 and 20-25% so I wouldn't wait for too long, it's a big battery!!!) but this happened to me again after the update (which I was still kinda hoping it would at least make it more stable, although I already knew I had a faulty device at that point), I once again couldn't turn it on at all, so I waited for the battery to completely drain and I can't charge it anymore!
I plug it, the LED goes solid red with nothing on the screen, but it never goes to orange, never shows anything on the screen, I still can't turn it On, and when I press Power+Volume down for 10 seconds or a bit more, the LED even switches Off, and from that point, there is no sign of life at all.
I could unplug and re-plug it to the charger, this time the LED would even show anything. Wait for a couple hours and the solid red LED shows up again when you plug it in, but it's still doing nothing else... Absolutely gutted with my purchase, the experience and the trouble it got me into so far, this model is a nightmare and ASUS UK and their reseller are completely dodging the case, throwing the case at each other back and forth and not willing to take any responsibility, absolute nightmare.
Oh well, at least it can't get any worse now I guess, can it?

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Sooooo, it turns out I can't get my phone repaired because there are no parts available because of the Covid-19, I can't get it replaced either because there is no stock anymore in my country (UK) for the same reason, and both ASUS and their dodgy "authorised independent" reseller that is behind the official ASUS UK webstore are refusing to refund, all this within the first 6 months. Of course, no compensation of any kind either... Really guys... Really? Ethics much? How is that even allowed?!
Especially since the only entity to blame here really is ASUS! You provided us with faulty devices (faulty motherboards if not other parts) and keep triggering for updates that only make it worse, to the point the devices can't even be used anymore, not even with the inconvenience of crashes and never-ending rebooting?!!!
You've released awesome products in the past, and I was happy to get some of these (your Transformer Pads series, the Padphone as well back in the days just to mention a few) but this time you messed up. It's okay, it happens but please take your responsibilities!
Can't even decide whether I should wait or buy another phone right ahead, since I don't even know what will be done in the future and if I'll eventually one day manage to get repairs, replacement or refund... . I need a phone right now, paid for this, and now I am without a phone without knowing whether I should get myself another one as it's urgent for me or not. I can't keep wasting money to cover for your errors guys!