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Issue with camera flip in asus 6z

Star I
Camera flip is not working properly with selfie sometimes..please make sure to fix the bug as soon as possible sometimes we need to click camera rotation two to three times to switch on selfie camera

Hall of Fame III
Doesn't sound right. Are you on the latest firmware and how often does this happen to you?
Are you willing to share a bug report with us next time this happens? 
Please generate it right after the issue appears
To generate a bug report you need to
1. Enable developer mode by going to system --> about phone --> software information and click on build number a couple of times until you are a developer.
2. Go back to system --> Developer options --> Take bug report --> interactive report
Save the report to your google drive and share the link with me via private message. Please also make sure that everyone with the link can view the file so I can pass it on to our developers.

Star III
Yes it happened with me to when I flip the camera it showing camera cannot flip and the image goes upside down and when I was going to close it was not flipping then second time it did and to stop the problem I had to reboot the phone.

Star I
facing camera flipping problem and display goes off automatically .

Star I
Issue with camera flipping... Most of the time showing "camera cannot flip" error message. I am on latest firmware (updated) still no change.