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How to put emojis on pictures using PicsArt?

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Hello everyone!
I have just downloaded PicsArt for my Zenphone 6, do you know this photo editing application? This is the first time I use an application to edit photos, please help me answer

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Here are few simple steps you can follow it easily
-Step 1: Choose the + icon -> 1 message appears to request access to Photos, select OK to agree -> Proceed to select the image you want to insert the icon
-B2: move the toolbar and choose to Sticker function
-B3: Select favorite icons, icons for the selected picture. After customizing like that, click Apply -> Next.
Also, if you want to unlock a free Gold member to use other premium features from this app, you can download PicsArt mod apk at TechBigs, this is a safe and free download link for you https : //