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How is asus 6z now? Are the problrms solved regarding motherboard issue and call quality? Please ans

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Please tell me
I am planning to buy it but worried about the issues


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The phone is great whith unique features over the rest on the market but there is a possibility ( as you can see if you go through this forum ) for some malfunctions to happen. I bought mine5 months ago and i went through issues such as camera mechanism to stop working and battery draining. Both of those solved in 5 working days by ASUSservice centre ( of course without any charge as we have 2 year warranty in EU). With that in mind, i would reccoment this device if your region serves you with at least 1 year warranty and if you are prepared for the possibility to bear some days without your device just in case something of the issues discussed in this forum occurs.

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Well there still are shitty night pictures

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Which is better one plus 7 or asus 6z?

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I'd say zenfone 6.

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Which is better one plus 7 or asus 6z?

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Zenfone 6