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What is performance on Asus Zenfone 6?

The Asus Zenfone 6 runs Android 4.3 with the ZenUI, as seen in the other phones in the Zenfone range. This isn’t the latest version of Android, but differences between core versions of the system software are often steamrollered by changes made in th...


can I enjoy the screen size on YouTube? Without having the black edges?

Rafz by Star II
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Settings Alarms for Specific Dates.

I'm using the default Asus Clock app on my Asus 6Z for alarms.Today I noticed that there is no option to set a future alarm for a specific date. For example, if today is 1st of July and I want an alarm on 15th of July or 17th or 19th.... to alert me....

shiv1g by Rising Star I
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Vowifi for Airtel India

On every monthly update of 6z we see new networks being supported for VoLTE and VoWiFi. It is a request to add Airtel India also to this list. It is the 2nd largest operator in India with 330 million subscribers. Hoping the mods take the request seri...

sid2109 by Star III
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Guess it's time to say goodbye to Asus Shitfone 6z

In short, first device I received was dead on arrival, replacement device had motherboard issue after 4 months, now just after one year with the latest update(which I did like 10hours back), phone is again rebooting continuously. Phone cannot stay on...

Google Photos Stabilization Error While Saving

On latest version Google photos doesn't work properly. After stabilizing it showing "unable to save changes". Please @Anders_ASUS fix this bug in next update. My device is on July security patch & latest version 165

utpal2024 by Rising Star I
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New update .165

Finally got the update share your experiences

Monark by Zen Master I
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New Update Date Please

When will asus release new software update for 6z with latest security patch? Please inform us before to release like all others company. Last update was on 18/05/2020 with may security patch. While others company are providing latest security patch....

utpal2024 by Rising Star I
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