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Home screen functioning issue

Rising Star I
@CH_ASUS I'm unable to long press on my home screen and it's not at all responsive , and even I'm unable to long press on app and it's not at all responsive. This is happening to me after i did a restart, and even i did a factory reset as @Anders said even i got some problems and went to service center and they said need to reset OS they did that also , still facing problems. ...!! What to do ?

Rising Star I
Yes even I'm facing this issue again now

Rising Star I
@Anders_ASUS please reslove?

Community Legend II
Hi @Revanth I believe we already have an open PM thread to help debug your longpress issue? I also believe we asked you for one more log where the issue was reproduced firstly. Please try your best to reproduce it and have it captured inside the log - then we can move further to the devs and debug what is going on , on the system level.

Rising Star II
It happened again
@CH_ASUS correct me if I'm wrong
If this happens again i just need to run interactive bug report and send it to you right?