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Hey Asus! Thanks for fast and smooth Android 11 ;) Guys add your feedback what u feel about A11

Rising Star I
So finally Stable A11 is ready for 6z. Initial impression is very good. Do not see any bug so far. UI is smooth and functional so drop or system dump so far. Official it is not related to India but I went ahead and download it via link.
Clear all bug is gone now
Camera movement is better than A10. I am sure asus have done something for this.
All A11 features are all working and great unlike A10 where some features were not.
Battery life is so far good and do nlt see any degration. Comparable to A10.
Restart time is same as A10.
I must say Asus did a nice job and well done Asus! Hi @Anders_ASUS please share my feedback woth your dev and mod team...they did a job well done. Happy new year Asus!

Guys please add your initial impression.

Rising Star I
New update .127. Nice update finally it fixed location bug as well. First time i am getting exact location in z6. I checked on A10 and .107 A11 as well my location was far away from exact location under clear sky. @Anders_ASUS anything done inlatest .127 for location? Now it is showing exact location to me. I saw few people earlier as well report this issue. Maybe they can chexk this now if any improment. A11 update is much more policed than A10. Must say nice overall update from Asus looking forward to zenfone 8 🙂

Rising Star I
.127 has fixed one more bug. on .107 A11 build if you disable any app and app near to it show blank name. Now it looks that it has been fixed as well @anders_asus to confirm on this?

Star III
New updated zenfone 6