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Framedrops and heating

Rising Star II
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Im on jan patch,.127update
I haven't gamed in the past month but recently i installed games and it is unusually getting hot in less than 15min of gaming and fps in cod is around 45....which is bad,
Is it just me or anybody else facing the issue
Im attaching the video for reference


Rising Star II

Just advice, if you play games please avoid play while charging, never play games in hot environment, use cooler if you have one.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I've never play while charging.
And I've been playing in my phone in the past 1.5 year in the same place so i dont think the place temperature is causing anything

Rising Star II
We can just hope for asus release adreno graphic driver for this device, I heard that will be upgradeable graphic driver for snapdragon 855 but im not sure this news is true or false.

Rising Star II
It doesn't happen every time but when it does you can clearly see the result like in the video

Zen Master I
Actually it got updated to 2020 sept version i have seen it in another thread couple of months ago🤔

Rising Star II
Getting 9fps on this phone is a serious issue. is anybody gonna address it?