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Contact photo

Rising Star II
Earlier a double tap on contact photo would enlarge the photo in contact and the photo used to cover half of whole screen(as shown in photo below) rather than presenting in a small circle at the top
Can anybody tell me how to set contact photo so i get the photo full screen when called???
When i edit and set contact pic for sometime it stays enlarged in the background behind the circle but in less than 5min it gets small again in the video
I know it's a vague description of the problem but i wasn't sure how to present it to you guys

Rising Star II
I want it like this
But as soon as i save and exit contacts it turns back like the one in video

Rising Star II
Anybody got any idea about the issue?

Zen Master III
Although Asus applications have some cool features, some functions, on the other hand, are missing and, above all, they are not as fine-tuned as their originals. Hence I use Nova launcher and original Google applications like Phone, Contacts, Calculator, Photos, ...
Moreover, I am used to them from previous phones.

Rising Star II
So it's a feature that needs an update then!!?