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Compass issue with the Google maps and other maps apps - Android 10

Star III
I have just faced with an issue with the compass. Most of the time (>70% of cases) when I open the Google maps (or any other maps app) it shows the wrong direction. E.x. I am walking north and the app shows that I am faced south as if I was walking my back forward. After calibrating the compass everything becomes back to normal until next time.
I use a plastic case (which came with the phone): it should not interfere with the compass/magnetometer. The firmware is: WW_17.1810.1910.73 (Android 10). The phone is not rooted and the bootloader is not unlocked.
This issue annoys me because I often use maps for pedestrian navigation. Besides that this is the second Zenfone 6 I own. The first one was replaced/refurbished due to camera defect.
This time though I believe it is a software bug because after calibration the compass works well until a restart.
I am attaching a screenshot to show the bug. The red arrow shows my real direction and the Google maps sector shows that I am faced ~90 degrees clockwise.This is not even the worst case I got.
In this thread: it is said that the issue has been fixed, but it hasn't.
Could anybody help me with the issue?



Zen Master III
GPS systems can't natively determine direction... only location.¨
GPS could determine the direction, but you should be moving, not standing stationary of course.