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Compass bug

Zen Master I
Hello again, 
my magnetic field sensor is quite unstable under several circumstances. I don't think this is a hardware issue so it can be reproduced. It works fine in home but it loses its accuracy ouside:
a) inside metal objects (i.e. cars and buses) - as you rotate the phone the N sign moves unpredictably. Try to notice direction of north, then rotate phone by 90 or 180 degrees. There will be significant difference in measured change and real movement.
b) near strong electromagnetic field - (i.e.  electric lines) - N can drift off of its original place
c) inside some vehicles lags in measurements can also be noticed. 
Basically you can go to the center of a city and look at any compass app. You should be able to reproduce it.

Star III
I think it's a software bug too.. Devs have to investigate and fix it

Hall of Fame III
how often would you say that it is inaccurate? Is it sometimes, most times or always?
Is it just the compass or is the GPS position off too?

Star III
Most times is inaccurate.. Just the compass, GPS position is ok

Hall of Fame III
Have you compared two phones side by side and walked around? Set both in compass mode in google maps, do the calibration and see if it really is worse than the other.