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Camera Hacked

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Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, my phone was just charging while idling, locked, and screen turned off. Suddenly, my camera turned on - I knew it turned on because it suddenly flipped and faced the front for a second, and then turned off, and flipped backwards into the default position again. I was stunned because it never happened with the locked idling phone before, and I knew something's wrong.
I am writing you to ask you, if there is a log, or any way to find out which processes have access the camera in the last hours.
I don't have any custom apps, only standard stuff from PlayStore. I didn't install anything new for the last few weeks, or a month, except Twitter. I installed Twitter that day earlier, and that was the only new app I had since forever.

Please help me out!

Thank you!

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Here is the screen. It's there any way to see the camera Access log somewhere? What do you think? See anything unusual?

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I realized about the long screenshot a minute after posting, and then I tried editing, and inserting a new long screenshot instead, but I literally cannot remove pictures while editing here, no matter how I try, so there's that.
I checked my call logs and I didn't have any calls. Also, apps don't enable camera automatically upon incoming ring stage.
That's a very interesting advice. Thank you.
Does anyone know where I can find the camera access logs in the system? Thank you!

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Google Duo will trigger the selfie camera from starting upon incoming video call.
Even if you didnt accept the call.

This is the native Google Duo app-behavior. It is calling for the selfie camera before call-acceptance.
Now I do not know if it was Duo doing this, but maybe it can help you narrow down.

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I don't ever use google duo, and I don't have any contacts in there, and I never even opened that app, and don't know anyone who ever used it.

Does anyone know where I can find the camera access logs in the system? Thank you!