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DIY: Fix issue with SIM-card not being detected

Yesterday my phone (Zenfone 6 Edition 30) fell out of my pocket when lifting the pants from the floor. It dropped from around 20 cm, but that was unfortunately enough for the SIM-card, external memory card and 3.5 mm headphone jack to stop working.Ha...

OTA updater misbehaving

I prefer to update via full firmware zips rather than OTA. For some reason, even though I have the OTA service set to manual updating, for the last few updates it will start to download and update anyways when I reboot the phone (when a new update is...

MYP6GR4F6RQZ.jpg QD18190XUEEK.jpg

Is VOLTE for USA carriers coming or not?

I've been patient, but with missed calls from work and family I can't use this phone without some major worry. I also have trouble calling out so I guess calling 911 if ever needed could be difficult. I'm asking because I would rather use this phone ...

mcrr08 by Star III
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Update WW_17.1810.2003.144 para WW_17.1810.2003.145?

Hello, I had already updated my Zenfone 6 to WW_17.1810.2003.144 and I saw that now on the website there is no longer this update and jumped straight from WW-17.1810.2002.137 to WW_17.1810.2003.145, can I do this update?

Super aquecimento (Call of duty)

Após a ultima atualização 137, quando coloco para jogar Call of duty o celular entra em super aquecimento na parte superior (flip câmera)Na minha visão não é normal, isso porque antes não fazia isso. Obs. Além do super aquecimento o celular tbm de q...


I Can observe a very small 2,3 particles of dust,Will it increase or what may be the reason that the dust got in...? Or is normal ?There is no change in the picture quality...!But still scared that will it effect ?

Zenfone 6 - screen is blocked with a black screen

My new Zenfone 6 is less than a month old and is showing this problem, after the battery is fully charged, the screen is blocked with a black screen and only the green led is lit and I can't get out of this situation anymore. Can someone help me? It ...

Kardec by Star II
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Camera lens

Camera lens has a very small particles of dust on Asus 6z