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Calls not received. Texts delayed.

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Hello. Just upgraded to the ZenFone 6 (Edition 30) over the new year and notice that many calls from family and friends are going straight to voicemail. I tested this with a friend in the room, and out of 5 attempts, only 3 made the phone ring. Many important calls for business do not ring at all. I am using Ultra Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO) and have done the usual run-around (reset phone, empty cache, check all settings for fowarding, DND, and such). Even on a fresh install, it is experiencing the same phenomenon. I tried a different phone and it seemed to consistently work...I'll keep testing.
I wanted to see if anyone else had issues with not getting calls or texts (irrespective of carrier) or if it could be just carrier issues for me. I have great coverage in my area, thus it is not like I am roaming or disconnected. Thank you for the help.
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"Texts via social network apps"? If you're referring to Twitter, Messenger, etc., those are not texts and are entirely unrelated to this thread. If you're using said apps to read SMS, of course they'd be affected. This isn't a problem with an app. It's a problem with the 4G/LTE firmware functions.

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Ok thanks. I misunderstood the topic!

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What is wrong with you ASUS!!!! Phone worked fine with Tmobile in Texas. Then with android 10 if WIFI was on it would usually not receive incoming calls. Finally got APN setting right. Now with latest update I can't receive a call or a TXT!!!!! I can only make a phone call. Can't seem to downgrade through boot loader menus. Get an error that it is not a newer update. WTF am i supposed to do??? This is ridiculous!!! I have ASUS motherboards video cards etc ...thinking I am not going to be buying an ASUS product ever again. Your tech suppoort is crap. Tech I spoke to said I needed the box or sticker to give him the serial number!!!

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We'd be happy to log the phone to see what is going on, or have it sent in for service. You can find the serial in the UI of the phone itself or on the back of the device.,marked%2...

Can you send me the case number with that agent? I'll review it for quality control.

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today, the only calls I can make with my US ZF6 are through messengers like facebook (via phone data & wifi)

Phone calls get stuck in dialling and die before I hear a ring tone.

SMS and MMS messages aren't sent, even when marked Urgent.

SMS reception is delayed by close to an hour.

Network provider is T-Mobile


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If you'd like to have us log the phone, @ me in your response or quote this message so I get a notification.

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so i used an app to check 3g service between the zenfone 6 and my old phone (which never gave me problems) and testing in the same spot the zenfone 6 had no 3g service at all while my old phone had good to excellent 3g service according to the app. this leads me to believe that maybe the 3g radio on the zenfone 6 is no good? can this be fixed with an update or is this a hardware issue? and knowing that t-mobile is slowly shutting down 2g and 3g service while my zenfone 6 does not have volte has me concerned that eventually my phone won't be able to send or receive calls and texts at all. still wondering why volte can't be enabled for US phones.
oh but lte and 2g service is excellent on the zenfone 6

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i've been using my old lg for a few days now with the sim i had in my zenfone 6 and have not missed a call or text message (missed or delayed). and this is on a $300 phone running android 8 lol! needless to say my zenfone 6 is wiped, boxed, and marketed for sale. i already have a brand new samsung phone on order so it's goodbye from me to asus. i really wanted to keep the zenfone 6 but so frustrated as to why it's basic functions can't be made to work reliably. there are lots of complaints on this board and elsewhere and i see explanations from asus people but honestly, asking for logs to check what's going on is not really acceptable to me when the issue is so widespread.
it's been kinda fun but now it's time to move on to a more established company. i gave asus a chance and they left a bad taste in my mouth so i probably won't be considering them anytime soon and definitely will not recommend them to others. good luck to those willing to stick around. i honestly hope things are fixed for you folks.