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Issue with camera flip in asus 6z

Camera flip is not working properly with selfie sometimes..please make sure to fix the bug as soon as possible sometimes we need to click camera rotation two to three times to switch on selfie camera

Zenfone 6/Asus 6z/ZS630KL - How do I enable Smart Screen On?

How do I enable the Smart Screen On feature on the Zenfone 6 (Asus 6z in India)?Smart Screen On is available on Zenfone 5z. I refer to the feature that extends the length of time the screen stays on, for example when one is browsing web pages or read...

Malfunction Phone Purchased from Flipkart India

Hello Concern,This is the worst experience faced so far. I bought Z6 from Flipkart, India. The product was exchanged for the very first time in 3-4 days of purchase because of faulty camera. During the time of exchange, I requested Flipkart to refund...

Danish by Star I
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Request for July   security patch for Zenfone 6 

Naga by Star II
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Network controll

Add an opention to disable the network for a specific application installed on mobile either mobile data or WiFi So we can disable network for specific app.Like in custom roms 

Naga by Star II
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Screen Flickr at extreme low brightness

@Anders_ASUS The screen flickers at extreme low brightness on white background like Instagram DM and Gmail etc. When suddenly brightness is dropped from medium or high to extreme low the flickering can be seen on white baground this happens only for ...

Kamesh by Star III
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Gets hot.

Phone gets hot during these scenarios. 1. When taking photos(as a back camera ) , the camera module's top side gets incredibly hot. 2. When in a call conversation, the speaker side on the front of the screen also gets hot. 3. And also It's been 20 da...

Saran by Rising Star II
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Phone Crashing Randomly, WiFi and Sim not reading

Can see lot of them phones expericing these issues, any solution to these frequent crashes and WiFi and Sim issues? Factory reset have done it for the third time , stil the issue persist.Any solution to this would be appreciated.

vrn_bln by Star II
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