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Phone Crashing and Network Problems AFTER 167 OTA!!!

Alright, this issue has been shared by multiple users and I haven't seen any assuring replies that it is being worked on. The issue is that the phone has started randomly crashing out of nowhere in no particular situation. It's been twice that the ph...

Private message

How can I message someone privately in this zen talkI can't find an option to do that.I wish to talk to someone regarding few issues in Zenfone 6Latest update

Notification panel

 when i swipe once for notification panel not able to change option like going from ringer to vibrate in one click( it doesnt respond) have to try two to three times and then theres auto rotate problemHave to restart everytime to set it right again.l...

prashanth by Rising Star II
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Bring Netflix HDR Please.

As Zenfone 6 supports HDR content please work with Netflix to bring HDR on this phone. Even One Plus 7 is on Netflix's HDR compatible phones list.https://help.netflix.com/en/node/23939

paras0710 by Rising Star II
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What's the gcam like?

Waiting on some stock to arrive but in the mean time, how is the gcam? Please could any users post some gcam pics ?Keen to see the results, especially whether it's good enough compared with a pixel. Thanks

otg support

does this phone supports otg?anyone ever tried?

Issue with camera flip in asus 6z

Camera flip is not working properly with selfie sometimes..please make sure to fix the bug as soon as possible sometimes we need to click camera rotation two to three times to switch on selfie camera