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USB for file transfer

Prior to the Android 10 update I remember the phone asking each time I plugged it in what USB mode I wanted to use. Doesn't do that any more & all the USB options are greyed out. Anyway to get back the option to use USB for file transfer?


Whatsapp Twin App Cannot Add Contact

The reason for me to get zenfone 6 is because it's offer triple slot. And I need it's clone app for my whatsapp, but the whatsapp twin app cannot add my contact list, the firmware is 121. Is this a bug? Will it be fix if this a bug? What was the poin...

Whatever by Rising Star I
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USB OTG and 2.5" HDD

Recently I started to move a bit of work from computers to my phone and I wanted to get some data from an HDD via SATA to USB3 adapter. The problem is one drive starts clicking and it's not even recognized. The other spins up and after a second stops...

Why ZenFone 6 Stand Case (ZS630KL) not available for Indian Customers

Why ZenFone 6 Stand Case (ZS630KL) is not available for Indian Customers? In ASUS official site, it shows it is available for only canada and US. Is there any option to make available for India?ZenFone 6 Stand Case (ZS630KL) | Phone Accessories | ...

Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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Alarm icon in status bar always there (solved)

I believe this is happening to me since updating to 129. Even when I have all alarms turned off, the status bar icon is still there. Previously it would only be there when an alarm was actively scheduled. I'm not sure if this happened right after the...


Performance and stutters issue is getting worse day by day

After upgrading to android 10,the very i pointed out that there were stutters in my phone ....so i put it out in forum(Although there are many people who dont have a problem at all there are many who are facing this issueEarlier a restart a week used...

prashanth by Rising Star II
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Feature request

Hi, I would like to request two basic features to be added in ZF6 next updates: 1st: In camera app it would be logical to have wide camera toggle before main camera one, so wide on the left, main on the right, following a linear order of zooming. Rig...