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zenfone6 Phone Not boot starts

Zenfone6 purchased in August 2019 has stopped running.A few days before it stopped, a restart occurred at a strange timing.It has been weird since the latest update from ASUS.I live in Japan and cannot speak English well. The phone I purchased is lik...

孝文 by Star I
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Front camera not working

My Asus 6z Zenfone front camera is not working after android 10 update.it works well before update.Now it's always show "Camera can't flip".Please fix the bug as early possible.

No word on HDR?

Is no one annoyed on how the phone's camera has practically no HDR? Whenever you use the HDR auto or HDR++, the dynamic range is literally reduced to nothing. The images turn out so bland. There have been evident photos posted about this previously a...

Camera quality loss in third party apps

Whenever I open up the camera in third party apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram, the camera loses its quality. It even smoothens everything in broad daylight. This needs a fix, and I believe that Asus can do that, because they love to sati...

Crazy battery drain(No heavy Usage at all).

I use phone normally. Not any game play or heavy apps used and still end up getting SOT of around less than 4 hours.I have shared the usage statistics.If I start my day at full charge in the morning then by 10 in the night my battery percentage remai...


No accent color feature, finally???

After demanding by soo many users about the accent color features still there is no update on that, You guys have already mentioned its hard to implement but one day it might come, I dont think it soo hard, Its just a part of UI you should be develop...

Need more Font style on Zenfone6

I'm using Zenfone6Z on last 6months. And i have tried to change Font style, but every time i failed. Because only 2 default font style is available in the phone (screenshot attached). When I was using Zenfone5, i have not faced like these issue and Z...

Kesavan by Star III
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While incoming call I attend a call it's silent but loud speaker I hear the voice of person Wt issue sir its software or speaker issueI reset a mobile also