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Screen recorder doesnt record sound

Good evening,I screen recorded a lot the past ponth ( and i ll keep it that way due to the coronavirus everyday video meetings ) and i noticed that almost half of those doenst have sound. All of them were recorded with do not disturb on ( nothing int...

Camera APP issue

Hi!Im facing this issue with my Zenphone 6, whenever I try to open the camera app to record a video, it closes and goes back to the main screen.If I just stay in the "photo" section it works fine, but the second I go to "video" it closes.This only ha...

Matiasp by Star I
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Fast charging issue with ZenFone 6

Hey All,From the past week my 6z isn't supporting fast charge.I tried other fast chargers from Huawei & samsung and still no fast charging. since samsung allows "Smart charging, at least my Phone could be charged while as when using Asus original (ch...

Game Genuine not working in latest update

Build number:QP1A. 190711005 WW_Phone-17.1810.2003.144During GamePlay my Game Genuine is not recording GamePlay. When I use common screen recorder then that screen recorder recording GamePlay Footage but not recording GamePlay internal sound.Please s...

Audio wizard problem

If I toggle the equaliser while listening to music , the sound is cut off in the earphone. I have to unplug and then replug the earphones .

bulurox by Star III
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my asus 6z screen got blackend

I was just watching videos on my phone then suddenly my phone's screen got blackend and the phone is not responding.I tried to charge the phone it was getting charged, but not responding,i tried to call on my mobile number but still it was not respon...