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Battery drain, camera flipping and head phone 3d sound effects issues after update .137

Star III
I'm using asus6z from last 3 months first it's give good backup but after update by update it's drain faster can anyone give me solution.
why asus team is releasing updates with out testing. And still my head phone 3d sound issue pending another issue came also Camera flipping issue when power on and of ( when pressing power button camera motor is running and camera is missing it's position)

Hall of Fame III
We do test the updates before releasing them but there are a lot of bugs we cannot catch with our beta teams. There are so many combinations that may cause a battery draining bug and the one you have may be unique to you.
It sounds like the best solution for you would be to backup your valuable data and factory reset your phone. I know it's a lot of work but it will be well worth it. It's very likely that all your issues will be resolved.

Rising Star II
not true, after this update everything works a hundred times better, reset your phone, it will improve, but don't let Asus combine with this update because it is the best in the world

Rising Star II
I don't have any of these issues after upgrade. I advise you to do a factory reset of the phone.