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Bad Call quality remains after last update WW-16.1220.1906.167

Star II

I have the same issue with last firmware, bad bad call quality sound. 

I think is poor now than the previous firmware, i have to use a external earphone to talk with the person or constantly, "hum, hum hum, what do you say?!?!?"

I think is time to ASUS call all phones to factory and replace the call speaker of all phones, this is not a software problem, this is a hardware problem and the only way to solve is change.

I don´t believe with software they can solve the quality sound because de hardware (speaker) can´t do better.



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Yes. I have also updated it yesterday and still the issue persists. Also the night mode is having trouble in capturing indoor images under very low light conditions. Picture capturing time is very less and it is not having enough time capture all the light. 

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After the last update the  LEd notification is missing except low battery and charging

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First time i buy a Asus phone and a lot of issues...
I think go use again "my old" oneplus 5 and wait for a resolution from Asus 

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Now I understand why the quality of sound during a call is so bad, the speaker is inside the flip camera, the sound comes from a hole and when the cam is in the normal side, to the back, the hole is not directly to your ear stays leaning against the back of the phone, which makes the sound not clean and no quality and can never be as many upgrades as it will never be straight to our ear as all phones are!
The only way to get a good quality in call is during call open the cam and put your ear in the hole and see the difference! The phone is great but with this hardware issue is a tablet not a phone!