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Bad Call quality remains after last update WW-16.1220.1906.167

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I have the same issue with last firmware, bad bad call quality sound. 

I think is poor now than the previous firmware, i have to use a external earphone to talk with the person or constantly, "hum, hum hum, what do you say?!?!?"

I think is time to ASUS call all phones to factory and replace the call speaker of all phones, this is not a software problem, this is a hardware problem and the only way to solve is change.

I don´t believe with software they can solve the quality sound because de hardware (speaker) can´t do better.



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CH_ASUS said:
We're still looking into how we can improve the earpiece clarity further. 
Please fix this. This whole call quality issue is ruining the beautiful phone.
We think we have finally found a way to improve it but I don't know how long time it will take. 
That's totally okay. Please take your time but fix it!! I will be waiting!!
We have made several improvements to the receiver quality during phone calls. The latest ones being in .189 (WW) or .191 (IN). Could you help check again - as we have gotten confirmation from some users that the quality has improved?
Yes it has improved. Will keep updating about it.