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I bought a rog phone 3, 6 months ago for 48000 rupees,2 months later I was having minor issues with software like 3 times a week it automatically turns off and I had to power it back on . I contacted the service center and they told me there is a small patch update coming and it will be resolved in that , I got a patch update and the problem was not over, my phone started heating up and power off problem was still there , so I contacted them and they told me heating issue is because the phone is dissipating heat outward to protect the ic and board inside and they told we don't have the software in Kottayam , you'll have to visit Kochi for that purpose or wait for our 11 update , so I waited and received 11 update few day's back , after that my power off problem was over but the phone was heating up very high , and after 2 days(ie, on Thursday) my phone was on 83% charge it was not plugged in . the next morning my phone wont turn back on , I gave it to the service center and they told me to keep it there , so I gave my phone to them and they will sent it to Kochi only on 24th coz till then they are having Onam Holidays . there is not even a 0% chance for water damage coz I know how much that phone cost. It's in the service center for the past few days. Asus is so poor in service and software updates for premium phone's. They claim that they are no 1 in gaming phone yet they are so poor in achieving it. I will never recommend Asus to anyone. I have send many emails to Asus regarding this and no reply's yet.

Rising Star I
Hi! ASUS def sucks in after-sales services.
Consider getting in touch with the ASUS CEO Helpdesk.
A much better option could be emailing to this address ----->

Rising Star II
Hi, we request you to kindly post it in the respective phone section.