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Signal Messenger : No alerts(sound/banners) for new messages

Rising Star II

Model Name: 6z
Firmware Version: A11 (156)
Rooted or not: Not
Irrespective of all the settings applied to notify when a new message received,
I googled a lot about this issue but still in dilema whether it's a device specific issue or the app itself unable to send notification alerts unless the app running in background !

Settings applied : All type of notifications turned on both from phone and Signal app
Battery optimization for Signal App disabled
Adaptive battery for device has been turned off
Turned on background data for app
Turned off Hibernate app

Can any Signal Messenger App user confirm the issue regarding notifications alert ?


Zen Master I
I've never had a problem with Signal.

Rising Star II
Ok thanks for responding

Rising Star II
Hi, the below user has confirmed he didn't face this issue. We suggest you clear the cache and data and reinstall the App.