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Asus 6z unlock tool network error

Hello I am trying to unlock the bootloader of my asus zenfone 6z but I am getting network error no matter which version of unlock tool I tried and my zenfone 6z never unlock before please help if anyone can


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@fussion_ASUS can you reply when you give latest security patch update with Airtel VoWifi Support for India this is October months and we 6z user have June security patch

Unfortunately, I've got the same problem. Already spoke to someone on the phone, but he told me Asus doesn't support the unlock tool any more. Strange, since is is more important now Zenfone 6 doesn't get any more updates.
Please help

@fussion_ASUS can you please check your inbox I replied to you a week ago

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Hi, you will not get updates via OTA if you unlock the bootloader, It's better if you keep your bootloader locked, your warranty will be void as soon as you unlock the bootloader. It does not necessarily mean that you are rooted, the bootloader can be unlocked without rooting but the processes go side by side. You will not get any benefit if you unlock bootloader and do not root.

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Solved. Thanks.

@fussion_ASUS hey will you please reply or give update to my error