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Android 10 myths and reality

Star III
As Asus has pushed android 10 on almost all devices there are lot of reports about system lag,call problems battery issues etc.
Here is fully unbiased review about Android 10 after few days of use
1. System lag - i haven't faced this issue that much. Ones saying they experienced much lag i don't know what type of lag they are facing. But ya sometimes it lags but is is near to 2 or 3 times a week for few seconds. Main thing is my friend has OnePlus 7pro and he also is facing minor lag issues so it doesn't bothers me

2. Smoothness- many are saying that system slowed down after A10 and yes they are right about it A10 really has slowed down system in small manner. Fingerprint sensor has slowed down an compared to android pie. But main question is do ones with other devices are also facing this issue? Then answer is yes many pixel users are also reporting A10 slowed down fingerprint sensor.

3. G cam mod- Asus should really work for either improving their stock camera app or they should try to make or ask google for(i don't know how it is) special gcam mod for Asus 6z Because many devices have seperate gcam mode available for them like k20 pro, op7&7pro,Samsung S10, even redmi note7&8. We really expect some improvements with such special flip camera.
Main thing to tell Asus heads is you may not be as big as google but fact is if you spend at present you can earn more in future.
4. Battery issues- those saying they are facing battery issues i don't know why they are saying such. I am gaming freak and i have been playing many games over this device no battery issues at all.
I am just a normal user of this device and not any fanboy or anything if you feel this is biased opinion then i can't do anything about it this is review about what i felt after using this device.
If you have any other questions post in comments

Star II
Before update battery lasted at least 2 days usually more. Now without much use in the end of the day there is about 30-40% of battery. Every unlock of the phote lasts 3-5 seconds. Even closing apps is lagging. Everything is very slow. I'm doing hard reset today. And then i will wait with update until they will fix it..

Star III
I haven't faced battery issues that much many may feel it because of optiflex and addition of applications in phone as optiflex keeps apps we use significantly in background which in turn may result in battery drain but main thing is they have really cursed over camera by updates and ya fingerprint issue does happens with me

Zen Master I
It's the same story with new Android releases. A new version comes out, some things work slower or are unreliable regardless of changelog and usually it takes another phone generation until such problems are ironed out. And then, the new Android comes...

Hall of Fame III
We found some issues that could cause stutter for some users and this was fixed in the latest .73 FW that was rolled out last week.
We have also improved the fingerprint unlock time.
For those who are not experiencing any improvements, we recommend a reset of the device